How Gambling Affects the Mental State of Gamblers

Gambling Jul 14, 2022

A person’s mental state can be affected by problem gambling. In addition to the physical symptoms, a problem gambler can suffer from depression, anxiety, or even thoughts of suicide. This article discusses some of the signs that gambling is a problem. If you think you have a gambling problem, consider seeking help. The right treatment can help you stop these negative behaviors for good. In addition to counseling, you can also seek out support from family members and friends.

Problem gamblers have a negative impact on their mental health

There are many factors that affect the mental health of problem gamblers. In fact, about 60% of problem gamblers were unemployed for more than a month, and a similar proportion reported receiving social benefits within the previous year. Although this lack of employment may not have been directly related to problem gambling, literature has shown that problem gamblers are more likely to report poorer work performance. Furthermore, problem gambling is often associated with criminal acts in the workplace.

They can become depressed

If you’re a gambler and are also depressed, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are ways to recover from a gambling addiction. First, you’ll need to address any situational problems that lead to your gambling addiction. Next, you’ll need to limit your access to the behavior and incorporate healthy, mood-boosting activities. You can also consider seeking professional help for gambling addiction if you believe it is out of control.

They can feel anxious

A person with an anxiety disorder may find relief or distraction through gambling. Some people feel this way because gambling can help them “get in the zone” and spend more money than they intend to. Problem gambling and anxiety go hand in hand, and some people may even use gambling as a form of therapy. To help yourself recover from this problem, consider seeking counselling services. Your counsellor may be able to recommend local services to help you overcome your gambling addiction.

They can have thoughts of suicide

Problem gambling is associated with suicidal ideation and attempts among people suffering from the problem. However, the association between problem gambling and suicidal thoughts is not clear. This study investigated the relationship between problem gambling and suicidal ideation in groups that consisted primarily of subclinical problem gamblers. While these groups did not meet diagnostic criteria for gambling disorders, their risk of suicidal thoughts was higher than the risk of nonproblem gamblers.

They can have financial problems

In stressful times, having difficult discussions about finances can be difficult, but it is also important to remember that financial problems in gamblers are often related to their own justifications and practices. These can include maxing out credit cards or taking out a second mortgage to pay for gambling debts. In addition to the financial problems caused by gambling, problematic gambling can also lead to increased stress and tension in the family. In fact, studies show that seven to ten percent of all families have a member with financial problems.

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