How Technology Is Changing the Way Horse Racing Is Done

Gambling May 19, 2023

Horse racing is a sport that relies on the strength, speed and agility of horses. But, the sport has also come a long way in terms of safety measures with the use of MRI scanners, X-rays, thermal imaging cameras and 3D printing to name just a few of the technological advancements in horse racing. These advancements have made racing safer for jockeys, horses and other participants, while also improving the safety of the general public.

The sport has become more competitive and technologically advanced in recent years, but some believe that the sport may be saturating itself, resulting in decreased interest from potential newcomers. Regardless, the industry is still doing what it can to keep up with advances in technology. Some examples of this include thermal imaging cameras for post-race heat stress, MRI scanners that can diagnose injuries before they even show on physical exam and 3D printing for casts and splints.

Another way that horse racing is adapting to the technological age is by implementing the use of data analysis to improve the performance of horses and jockeys. This is being done through the use of a number of sophisticated software programs that can provide insight into what is working and what is not in a race. These tools can help the race stewards and horse owners make more informed decisions in the future.

Term used when a horse breaks poorly and is well back at the start of the race. The horse shows early speed but tires and never makes a significant impact on the outcome of the race.

When a horse is forced in by rivals when trying to make a move in the race. The horse can be pushed in by the rider or other horses, causing him to hit the inner rail of the racetrack. This can be extremely dangerous to the horse.

A horse that is being kept to urging by his jockey, either with the whip or strong hand urging, to stay in contention. This can lead to a photo finish, which is when two or more horses cross the line together and cannot be clearly determined as the winner.

Term used when a horse is in contact with a rival or is contacted by a rival (similar to bumped). This can happen at the start of a race, or shortly thereafter, and can be very dangerous for the mount and the rider. When a horse cannot settle into stride and appears erratic and rank, like a bucking horse in a rodeo. This can be due to a variety of reasons, but usually it is caused by a bad track or a horse that dislikes the ground. It can lead to poor racing results and a race result that is less than ideal.

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