How to Avoid Card Counting in Blackjack

Gambling Jun 16, 2022

You’ve been wondering why dealers always add cut cards to the deck. Well, casinos have taken steps to prevent card counting in blackjack by limiting the penetration of the deck. The simple answer is that card counting is an advanced skill. This is why the casinos limit the penetration of the deck and don’t allow players to bet on an already beaten hand. Despite these limitations, there are still ways to improve your chances of winning. Continue reading to learn more about card counting.

Basic rules

One of the easiest card games to learn is blackjack. While the basic objective is to come as close to 21 as possible, the rules of the game are more complicated than that. To win, players must have a higher total than the dealer at the end of the game, which is known as ‘busting.’ In order to win, the dealer must be ‘busted’ if he gets closer to 21 than the player’s total. The game is played at a blackjack table with two to seven players, and one to eight 52-card decks.

Side bets

One of the most common ways to increase your winnings in blackjack games is by placing side bets. These bets are separate from the main bet, and the odds of winning them differ from the main wager. These bets must be placed before the initial hand is dealt. The payoffs for these side bets are much higher, and they require a small stake to win. Typically, side bets pay out at least half of the initial bet, so they’re worth the risk.

Insurance bets

If you’re a beginner to the game of blackjack, you may be wondering whether or not you should place insurance bets on your hands. While they are a viable strategy, they’re also dangerous and put the player at a disadvantage. As long as the dealer has a blackjack, the chances of winning an insurance bet are significantly higher than those of winning the hand outright. Whether or not you should place an insurance bet really depends on your personal preferences and the odds of hitting a blackjack.

Splitting cards

Splitting cards in blackjack can help you make a strong hand, or weak hand, if you are dealt an ace. If you don’t split aces, you will have a hand of twelve. Each ace is worth one point, so you have four chances to get 21. Similarly, if you have two aces, you will have a hand of nine. You can also split a pair of aces.


The PUSH 22 blackjack game has similar rules to regular blackjack. The dealer pushes on a total of 22 and if you have a Blackjack or a busted hand, all bets are pushed. Players can also re-double after doubling. This works in the player’s favor because the casino matches your split bet. In general, you don’t want to double very often. The exception is a soft hand, which is any hand that has an ace that counts as 11 or higher.

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